We Are Proud To Announce
Dwyer Precision Products, Inc.
Is A Green Powered Company

Dwyer Precision Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of patented Oxygen Safe Pneumatic Nurse Call Cords for the healthcare industry.

Dwyer’s Presscall®, Padcall®, and Breathcall® products are designed for use by ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients in any healthcare environment. Dwyer’s uniquely designed pneumatic (air-activated) nurse call cords are marketed to critical care, long-term care and rehabilitation care facilities throughout the world.

As more concern has been raised about the risks associated with electrical static discharge (ESD), Dwyer has and continues to develop its pneumatic (air-activated) nurse call cords to function safely in all healthcare environments, including oxygen enriched atmospheres.

Most call cords are electronic and some “Low Voltage” electronic call cords may be registered by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as “Oxygen Safe,” but don’t be confused. Electronic or “Low Voltage” call cords are not pneumatic (air-activated) nurse call cords.

Dwyer Precision Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest product the Headcall®. This innovatively designed and flexibly functioning nurse call cord allows patients to call the nurse station by applying slight pressure to the pendent from the head, shoulder or arms. Simply place the Headcall® pendent by the pillow or near the head to satisfy your patients’ nurse call needs. For more information view our New Items Tab on the navigation bar.

Be safe and buy Dwyer easy to use “No Voltage” nurse call cords.